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Written from a struggling father to his toddler son after a broken-off engagement when the child's mother decided to relocate cross country. This book outlines the pain and events that this father endured to remain a father. Events that are still ongoing to date including relocation cross country twice and four relocations in less than four years. 


This book is part of an ongoing library that has been created as a documentary of the life of Dakota Kettler with me, his Father, Bill Kettler. It has not been easy his mother has made it very difficult to remain relevant in this endeavor placing no importance on a father's involvement in a child's life. To date, I have had to relocate four times within a three and a half year period twice cross country just to remain close to my son causing a financial burden upon my self and others, one day I may not be able to afford the fifth relocation if necessary. This book was created to allow my Best Friend and my son Dakota Kettler to know someone loves him

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